Travel Well
For Less


For almost a decade, I’ve worked for start-ups and even started my own business. I traveled almost every week and sent out staff members almost every month on a (bootstrapped) dime. Without funding and a lot of extra money, I had to learn how to travel inexpensively. But having to go out of town every week has also helped me learn how to travel well.

In 2017, I took the ultimate travel trip and went to 14 countries around the world – all on Business Class seats. I had a truly life-altering experience that costed only about $3,000 (plus points) for everything in a month’s worth of travel.

After coming back from that trip, I knew I wanted as many people to have the opportunity to share a similar experience I had.

While some people quit their jobs to travel around the world, use up a big chunk of their savings, and change their life for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I believe traveling around the world really doesn’t require a dramatic life change. In fact, I believe a trip around the world without altering your life, is actually better for many reasons. And I believe any normal, working person (or family) can travel round the world for a lot less than they think.

This blog discusses what I’ve learned as a small startup owner who had to pay for his own travels every week for many years. I also discuss topics on traveling with family or a group as I’ve traveled extensively groups of 4 or more.

Whether you’re just solo-trekking around the globe or you’re sharing an experience with loved one(s), I hope you always travel well, for less.